170603 Personal: what in the world!! Omg! :D

Omg, everyone talks about them, HOW DO YOU EVEN KEEP UP WITH ALL THIS???
How in the world are they able to handle all that packed schedule?
Are they alright?
I’m extremely happy, but worried in the same time!!

My little angels, hang in there, please!


How about now?

I was wondering when I will start this. I hope from now on I will be able to save everything in sight, I hope from now on I will be able to do what I was dreaming of. Basically it started this year, I don’t know if I was simply lucky, or I deserved this, but I finally think I am able to work where I’ve always wanted. I think next year will be a good year as well.

It’s not gonna be only a good year for the Scorpios, it’s for Pisces as well. 🙂